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I have been experimenting with drawing on tin-foil.  The results are jaw-dropping.  Dinosaurs are mysterious enough to not really know anything about…but today I saw a couple tiny grasshopper like insects that I had never seen before.  I poked at one.  It flipped on it’s back and then whipped around so fast that it looked like a few frames were missing in a film.  Even though I saw them right in front of me, they may as well be drawings on tinfoil too…I love life.  Despite how hard it is.  

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Montréal vs. San Deigo

I’ve gotta be totally honest: When I found out that I wasn’t selected as one of the ghouls for the SDCC Goosebumps panel, it was mostly a relief since that meant I’d be able to come to Montréal for Fantasia Fest instead.

If it weren’t for Goat Witch and jamessizemore ‘s involvement with Frontiéres, I’d be back home, proud of my Gersberms crew but feeling more than a little jealous. Now I can focus more of my energy on being totally stoked for my ghoul friends. They killed it out there!
(but I swear, if Kevin doesn’t bring me back a souvenir from Comic Con, I’m gonna punch him in the face)

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My naked booty: Fangoria debuts poster art for Frontiéres Market projects   

And my husband’s latest project is among them! While he and his co-writer and producer pitch the script to a bunch of industry suits at Fantasia’s Frontiéres Market, Fangoria online shows off sweet poster art for several of the projects…and writer Sam Zimmerman gives a special mention to Ours as “something that already has my heart entitled RITE OF THE WITCH GODDESS.”

Follow the link for some totally sweet and probably NSFW poster art for Our upcoming project…

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